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Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Chandler AZ - The One-Day Remodel

Nowadays, everything is all about efficiency and convenience. People prefer using products or availing themselves of services that produce the best results in the shortest time. Bathroom designers and remodelers have caught up to this trend, including those from Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Chandler.

The One-Day Tub-to-Shower Conversion

A quick tub-to-shower conversion can elevate the look of your bathroom and improve its functionality in many ways.

First, when the tub is removed, it frees up much space in the bathroom area. With more space, moving about in the bathroom becomes easier. Another benefit of having more space in the bathroom is that it becomes more accessible.

Second, it makes the bathroom look more modern and sleek. Unlike freestanding bathtubs, traditional alcove bathtubs are clunky, and they make the bathroom area look dull. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, make the bathroom look up-to-date.

Third, the bathroom becomes safer for use. The shower surround panels installed are coated with an antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of mold and mildew. The coat is also what makes the tub stain-resistant and scratch-resistant. As an added safety feature, the floors are also made non-slip.

Finally, the bathroom is easier to maintain after the tub is converted into a shower. Bathtubs have to be scrubbed and cleaned all around to keep them in good condition. Because the shower surround panels are smooth, non-staining, and scratch-proof, cleaning your shower area is as easy as running water on them.

Bathroom Remodeling Chandler AZ

Optional Features to Add:

With newly-installed shower panels and tiles, you may also choose to have some of these extras added to complete your bathroom remodel:

Seats or Benches:You can have them built or purchased. You can also repurpose some items that you already have in your home. A stool or a bench makes a great addition as it serves a dual purpose: storage for toiletries or a place to sit on when you feel like relaxing in your bathroom.

Rain showerhead: Your old showerhead can be replaced with a rain showerhead to simulate bathing in the rain. This makes the shower experience more relaxing and pleasurable.

Lighting fixtures: Adding or changing the bathroom's fixtures makes it look brighter; also, it instantly makes it look new, inviting, and spacious.

The Process:

The One-Day Tub-to-Shower Conversion Remodel starts with a pre-scheduled consultation and design. Our expert designers meet with you to understand your needs and preferences. This helps them come up with a plan tailored to you. During this step, the designers will take measurements and photographs of your bathroom for reference. When the design is approved, the materials will be procured. When the materials are ready, a schedule for the installation can be set. Highly skilled and trained contractors will arrive at your home on the scheduled date to carefully transform your old bathroom into a modern and stylish one.

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We believe that transforming bathrooms does not have to take lots of time and money. If interested in our one-day tub-to-shower conversion, call the number on this page.

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