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Bathroom Cabinets Chandler


Bathroom cabinets provide storage space for bathroom essentials and supplies. They are also important in creating the design of a bathroom. When it comes to cabinet designs, materials, sizes, and setups, Bathroom Cabinets Chandler has a wide range of designs. 

Because cabinets come in thousands of styles, choosing the right one may feel a little overwhelming. Our team will help you select the perfect cabinets for your bathroom. Here are some types to consider:

Choosing a Bathroom Cabinet

Basic Wood Style Cabinets

This type of cabinet is one of the most popular and easy to find. These cabinets are convenient and since there are different types of colors and wood choices, creating your preferred look is easy. They are also considered a safe pick for bathroom upgrades because of its traditional appeal. 

Flat Style Cabinets

If you want neat and clean lines, opt for flat style cabinets. These cabinets can go along with any home style, from modern to traditional. Most of the designs are classic and have a wide variety of types of wood and finishes. An affordable option is a laminate styled, flat cabinet if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom.

Inset Style Cabinets

Because this one is the most specialized, it can be pricey. To build this type of cabinet, it must be cut with sharp precision to create a perfect fit. If you want more storage space, opt for other types of cabinets as the inset style cabinets have tended to cut back on the amount of storage space. But if you are looking for an attractive, high-quality, and well-crafted cabinet, then this one's for you. 

Custom Style Cabinets

When you can’t find anything pre-made that suits your taste and style, 

Bathroom Cabinet Chandler can make custom cabinets according to your specific requirements. We will listen to your input and design ideas as well as give our own. We will consider and follow the design, size, color, finish, cuts, and more. This can be a bit pricier though.

Bathroom Cabinets Chandler

Glass Style Cabinets

This style gives a clean and classy look. Because of its versatility, glass style cabinets can go with many types of design themes. Mixing glass front cabinets with certain styles can also give your bathroom a revamped look. And since they are pleasing to look at, they are also called display cabinets where you can put your finest bathroom supplies for you and your guest to see.

Metal Style Cabinets

For a retro, industrial, and modern look, metal style will look great in your bathroom. Metal style cabinetry can inject a new and fresh look coupled with modern accessories and lighting. 

Mirrored-Etched Style Cabinets

For a more spacious feel no matter what room you are in, mirrors are great options. To make your bathroom look open, airy, and modern, place the mirror as cabinet fronts. Mirrored-etched cabinets also blend well with a lot of decor themes, from modern to country, industrial and contemporary. 

Stencil Patterned Style Cabinets

To add personality and charm to your cabinets, go for stencils. You can choose the patterns you want to see placed on your cabinetry. Because it is crafty and elegant it adds a wow factor and boosts its appeal. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can have the rustic or farmhouse feel, and even Latin style homes. 

Whether you want to upgrade or remodel, new or improved cabinets can give a whole new look to your bathroom. Trust Bathroom Cabinets Chandler to provide you with only the best.

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