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Bathroom Flooring Chandler


For the living room, bedroom, and dining room, choosing flooring often comes down to how it looks. But with bathroom flooring, it is vital to select based on its performance since it will receive a lot of stress that involves lots of water. Water is on the walls, ceilings, and the floor. And when you have the wrong flooring, moisture might quickly ruin it. Deciding on the right flooring, you have to consider certain factors, such as durability, cost, appearance, and ease of installation. Fortunately, Bathroom Flooring Chandler offers a wide range of flooring that will suit your needs and preference.

Bathroom Flooring Chandler


Porcelain or Ceramic Tile - Considered one of the best tiles for bathrooms as it is stylish, waterproof, and reasonably priced. It also has the same effect like a stone because it can create a rich, solid, textured, and cold feeling. Because it is waterproof and affordable, it can also be compared to vinyl. And when it comes to its appearance, it looks as gorgeous as wood flooring. Although porcelain is under the ceramic tile group, if it’s water absorption rate is 0.5 percent or less, the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency certifies it as porcelain. This tile, however, is not necessary for a half-bathroom or powder room since there are no bathing areas. Ceramic tiles come in different types, sizes, and shapes, from octagonal and hexagonal to rectangular and square. The best part about having tiles is that they clean up well and can even resist pools of water. Be careful though, as they can be slippery when wet, but with proper texturing, you can avoid slippery tiles. To be safe, opt for smaller tiles as they are less slippery because there is more grout to act as a non-skid surface. Here are some Pros: Cleans up well, Good resale value, Wide variety of choices, and Complement radiant heating. And here are the Cons: Slippery, Cold and Hard under the foot, making standing on it for long periods can be difficult. 

Engineered Wood - Because of its dimensional stability, engineered wood is considered better than solid wood when in high moisture. One of the reasons for this feature is the fact that it has a plywood base that can resist moisture well. They also look like authentic wood because real hardwood veneer is used on the top layer. Thus, choosing an engineered wood is a great alternative if you want to have natural wood. But just like any wood product, it is also prone to damages. Here are some Pros: Real hardwood on the top, Dimensionally stable, and a top choice if you want to have authentic wood in the bathroom. And here are some Cons: Moderate-to-high expensive and when standing on it too long, it can wear through the wood veneer layer.

Laminate Flooring - Another better option is laminate flooring. It is even deemed to be better than solid hardwood. It is a resin-impregnated paper on top of a wood chip foundation. Its plank is a photograph of cherry, marble, slate, oak, or other wood or stone. With proper precautions to shield the wood base from moisture, laminate as tile for bathrooms can work. Just make sure planks have tight seams, so it is difficult for moisture to penetrate downward. However, since laminate still has the wood factor, when moisture pierces through, it will expand and create bubbles. Unfortunately, tearing it out is the only way to fix it. 

Vinyl Flooring - Attractive and practical, this type has been one of the most popular tiles at Bathroom Flooring Chandler. Sheet vinyl flooring can handle extreme amounts of water. Few seams are needed when installing sheet vinyl as they come in big sizes. There’s also the luxury vinyl plank flooring that comes in lengths of around 48 inches and widths of around 5 inches. Bathroom Flooring Chandler offers thousands of style options available for vinyl flooring. Here are the Pros: 100-percent waterproof, Easy to replace, Easy to install, and Cost-effective. Here are the Cons: Vinyl surface is susceptible to bumps and gaps from the underlayment or subfloor and Poor resale value.

Natural Stone - If you have the budget, go for natural stone tiles. With granite, marble, limestone, and other stone tile options, you might encounter moisture problems. With natural stone, not only do you get durable, hard, and gorgeous tiles, but you also get excellent resale value.

Bathroom Flooring Chandler

Bathroom Floor Tiles

There are also some bathroom floor tiles to avoid. One of these is wall-to-wall carpeting which keeps moisture long enough that there is a tendency to dry out slowly. If you still prefer to have carpet in your bathroom, we suggest getting the ones with a low pile and using 100-percent organic material.

Another option for bathroom floor tiles to keep away from is solid hardwood as it has no protection against moisture. It might look great and feels warm under the foot, but once moisture penetrates, the wood will rot out. For clients who opt for solid hardwood, Bathroom Remodel Chandler professional installers guarantee that there will be no gaps for moisture.

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