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Bathroom Layout and Design Chandler


If you are planning on bathroom remodeling, one of the first factors to consider is the layout. 

Bathroom Layout Chandler has a lot of ideas for you to explore. We can cater to every budget for any bathroom project.

Design a Bathroom Layout

In every bathroom layout design, our professionals keep in mind the placement of the fixtures. Should you allow us, we would minimize the plumbing lines to make construction easy. We guarantee to make the bathroom not only functional but also visually pleasing.

Bathroom Function

The main functions of the bathroom are for bathing, toiletries, and other personal hygiene-related activities. It is, therefore, vital to make the room well-lit and well-ventilated. Our team of experts understands the importance of the location, size, and shape in designing a bathroom layout.


If possible, design bathrooms near the bedrooms. A bath should be near in every bedroom design. Ideally, having a bath for each bedroom in the home is the best option. If not possible, the next best option is to design a bathroom layout in the middle or between the bedrooms to make sharing the bathroom space more convenient. If your master bedroom has extra space, opt to have its bathroom while the remaining beds can share a common bath. For guest usage and non-bathing activities, have a half bath or powder room where only the vanity and toilet are placed. It should be located near the living area of the house or somewhere secluded for privacy.

Size and Shape

How a bathroom is finally going to look depends on how you arrange the internal elements. The location of the fixtures is a major factor in how the shape and size of the bathroom will be. The planning and allocation of space vis-a-vis connecting rooms are significant as well. Nonetheless, the application of standard measurements and sizes can be simple if more complicated design concepts are not possible.

Full bathroom

Basic fixtures like toilet, combined bathtub and shower set up, toilet, and a 30-inch vanity are what a standard full bathroom only needs. To accommodate all these fixtures, the following room sizes are:

8 ft x 5 ft (40 sq. ft)

8 ft by 6 ft (48 sq. ft)


Also called a powder room, a half-bath typically has a toilet, pedestal sink, and vanity. The following room sizes can accommodate all these fixtures:

3 ft x 7 ft 6 inches (22.5 sq. ft)

5 ft x 5 ft (25 sq.ft.) – pedestal sink included

These given dimensions are the recommended minimum measurements. These are standard dimensions in many bathroom designs and constructions. Larger dimensions may be needed if spacing and layout of fixtures will follow a particular preferred design concept for your home. Trust Bathroom Layout Chandler to provide you with the exact measurements for your ideal bathroom.

Small Bathroom Layout

Small spaces create exciting design challenges, even for professional designers. Let Bathroom Layout Chandler skilled and expert architects help you with planning a small bathroom layout without compromising comfort and functionality. 

Let’s start with four basic criteria for a small space. This applies to a standard-sized small bathroom with a dimension of three square meters. Afterward, fixtures and pieces will be arranged in a manner where the room will feel more spacious and comfortable. By aligning your bathroom fixtures, such as heavy bathroom pieces (toilet, sink, shower, or tub) in a row will create an orderly space. This will also allow you to perceive it in all its vastness, and not mind the limited space. For heavy and large pieces, keeping them at the end of the bathroom or away from the entrance can create a spacious illusion in your small bathroom layout. Try placing the shower in the background and see the small space seem to appear twice its size. It can even make maneuverability easy. Consider the bathroom’s geometry if you want to achieve a simple look. The arrangement of the fixtures changes the perception of space. Opt for a chic shower instead of a standard bathtub shower combo. When you want to separate the shower area from the rest of the room, it is better to get a clear frameless glass shower enclosure than shower curtains or frosted glass doors. When you look at this type of bathroom layout idea, you’ll appreciate the bathroom in its entirety.

Here are some Bathroom Layout Ideas

Classic Layout with Tub/Shower Combo

Considered as the most common layout that works in every bathroom space. If this is your existing bathroom layout, try to refresh the look by upgrading each fixture. 

Bathroom Layout with Double Faucets

For master ensuite baths or even a child’s bathroom, this is an ideal solution so each user will have their faucet. To make more room for a larger sink, opt for a narrow tub to maintain enough space for the toilet.

Bathroom Layout With a Corner Shower

A corner shower is a great bathroom layout idea when you want more storage space or you don’t need a large tub. When you place the shower in the corner, the wall space will become available for additional built-in cabinets, hooks, or shelves.  

Whether you have limited or big space, Bathroom Layout Chandler has thousands of ways to create a unique layout and design that will suit you the best!

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