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At Bathroom Remodel Chandler, our clients expect and receive superior bathroom remodels. Regardless of whether you’re tired of seeing the same old  bathroom or you’re simply prepared for a refreshed style- now is the ideal time to do work on the remodel you've been dreaming of. Expenses of this investment are on a range due to personalization, materials, fixtures, etc. Here we will talk about Bathroom Remodel Chandler cost estimates, and other factors that contribute to the final cost.

Evaluating Your Undertaking Cost

In the Chandler zone, as per the 2017 COST VS VALUE REPORT from the Bathroom Remodel Chandler Magazine, the average expense for a mid-range bathroom redesign is $19,949. Meanwhile, the average expense for an upscale restroom rebuild is $63,249. These averages give a general ball park for the final cost of your project. But ultimately your final estimate relies upon the extent of work and material used.

If you’re searching for a personalized quote- contact us for a consultation. We’re glad to talk with you about your bathroom remodel.


The greatest cost associated with completing a bathroom remodel is the work. It requires investment and expertise to configure, plumb, wire, tile, and paint- and that’s just the beginning. All aspects of a bathroom remodel requires groups of specialists and tradesmen.

Here are some of the features of bathroom remodel that will factor into your final cost:

O Putting in new windows, or changing window area
O Adding new drywall to the bathroom
O Bringing frameworks up to code and putting in new pipes, electrical, and warming and cooling
O Plumbing for steam showers, spa tubs, or exceptional sinks and apparatuses
O Custom lighting and electrical features like steam units, whirlpool tubs, and warmed floors
O New bathroom fumes vents
O Tile or decorative masonry such as mosaics and characteristic stone
O Shower glass establishment
O Custom cabinetry and mill work

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Your bathroom is a standout amongst the most fundamental pieces of one of the greatest spot you'll ever make – your home.

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We gladly offer both single ply layer and coating frameworks as great alternatives for our commercial customers! The majority of our business and modern roofing choices give toughness and vitality productivity! 

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