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Bathroom Vanity Chandler


Enormous or understated, contemporary or classic, ornate or plain: the style of your bathroom vanity can be whatever you want it to be. Considered the centerpiece of any bathroom, this is where you prim and pamper, comb your hair, stare at your reflection, or just be with yourself for a few minutes. Whatever need you use it the most, Bathroom Vanity Chandler design ideas will inspire you to have that long overdue bathroom remodeling without spending a fortune.

To achieve an exceptional vanity design, we must consider careful planning and attention to detail. We need to think about the right layout and style, the perfect type of sinks and countertops, and materials to use.

Here’s a guide on how our team of experts will design your new vanity space:

Determine the layout - Our team will ask you where you want to place your vanity and how big it’s going to be. You can opt for a galley layout where there are two vanity spaces, each with sinks, or a separate area to wash up and for seating. There’s also the L-shaped vanities, which are common in master bathrooms. This layout does not maximize space but offers plenty of legs and arm room so you will not feel cramped. A popular option is a horizontal vanity which has one section of cabinets. This type of vanity is efficient as it takes full advantage of counter space and available storage. 

Settle on the number of sinks - If you require plenty of sinks, you will need to find a vanity style that can meet your preference. While double sinks are ideal, restricted space becomes a hindrance. For vanities less than 60 inches wide, one sink is all it can accommodate, placed either in the center, to the left, or the right. If you have a vanity that is more than 60 inches wide, two sinks can fit in. But if you only need one sink, the extra room can be a counter space.

Select the style - After determining the right layout and number of sinks you need, you can now choose the vanity design. If you prefer traditional vanity, you must decide if you will have paint or stain, the color, door style, and drawers. For a quaint and time-tested character, try antique furniture pieces or repurpose a family heirloom. You can also have free-standing vanities that are not attached to the walls, making room for open shelves instead of closed cabinets. Wall-mounted countertop, on the other hand, is perfect for those seeking a minimalist design.

Choose the right countertop - These fixtures are available in different materials, such as laminate, quartz, marble, wood, concrete, and solid surface. Bathroom Vanity Chandler experts can recommend the specific furniture that will suit you.

Bathroom Vanity with Sink

The next move is to determine the type of bathroom vanity with sink. The sink can be vessel, wall-mount, under-mount, or drop-in. Select the material and color for your sink. You can pick between porcelain and natural stone. If you want an under-mount sink, it will be mounted below the countertop. With a supporting bracket, it will render a seamless look. Vessel sinks come in a lot of patterns, designs, and custom shapes. It is installed above the counter, and a hole for the drain will be cut out from the countertop. On the other hand, drop-in sinks sit inside a cutout in the countertop. They have so-called lips resting on top of the counter. 

During the selection process, assessing the top is important. Vanity tops must have sufficient countertop space to accommodate your needs. They should also be strong enough to endure soaps, products, and of course, water. Granites need to be protectively sealed, while quartzites are strong and low-maintenance. Tile, on the other hand, is high maintenance because of the grout lines, while the wood top is naturally porous. 

In essence, a bathroom vanity is composed of a mirror or mirrors, single or dual sinks, a countertop, and some storage. When picking a bathroom vanity with sink, you can pair it with the style of the whole bathroom or you can slightly depart from the bathroom theme. Bathroom Remodel Chandler has a wide selection of vanities in different styles, sizes, and colors. Our team of experts is always prepared to help you choose one that will best suit your bathroom. 

We will help you find the ideal vanity according to your requirements and style. When you select your vanity, just tell us the size of your bathroom, the functionality you are looking for, and the style you want. Bathroom Vanity Chandler will take it from there and show you our top suggestions.

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