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Bathtubs and Showers Chandler


Whether you have a small or large bathroom, fitting both a full-sized bathtub and shower is possible with Bathtubs and Showers Chandler. We have several designs and ways to get both features in a small bathroom. 

Follow the code

Before putting a separate bathtub and shower into a bathroom layout, there are some building regulations we need to follow. These features need a specific amount of space to ensure safety. We at Bathroom Remodel Chandler will check with your local authority about the regulations before installing bathtubs and showers as per locality varies. To give you an idea, here’s a general guideline:

24 inches needed for shower door clearance

30x30 inch floor space in the shower

28 inches required around the longest side of your bath

24 inches in front of the toilet

21 inches in front of the basin

Before purchasing these products, keep these measurements in mind. Our team of experts is always ready to help you out should you need assistance.

How to fit everything in

Having a large amount of space can be advantageous, but inadequate shower and bath placement can generate a crowded bathroom. Who wants to see that in his daily routine? Bathroom Remodel Chandler innovative ways can help arrange these features so they both fit in easily. First, start choosing your bath and shower. Make sure they observe building regulations and will fit. We also guarantee that selecting the right one is a cinch since there is a wide range of styles smartly designed to fit into a bathroom with limited space, such as space-saving baths, straight baths, corner baths, space-saving showers, bifold showers, and quadrant showers. Having wall-hung fittings, such as a toilet or basin unit, can also help avoid a messy look and expand the flooring area. It is best to use the short walls by placing the shower against it to clear more space for the installation of a bath against a longer wall. When you pair up the toilet and basin on the same wall, it will create more room for a shower and a bath. Another clever idea is to have your door swing outward to get more space.

Design Ideas

Even the tiniest details can make a huge difference when you intend to include both a tub and shower within your space. One tip is to adhere to the same theme when you are trying space, whether it's traditional, modern, or in between. You also have to make sure the room does not look crowded if you have a lot of fixtures because space will become limited. Another design idea has something to do with the color schemes, light shades for floor and wall tiles contrast with dark elements to balance out the scheme. 

Ways to maximize your bathroom is endless. Bathtubs and Showers Chandler can help you plan the layout and choose fixtures to begin enjoying having the luxury of a separate tub and shower.

Bathtub and Shower Combo

If you have very limited space, you can still have a cozy bathroom with a bathtub and shower combo. With some smart and sleek transformation, we can help you achieve a semi-renovated fresh space. Building a new outer casing could make your bathroom look new. If you are using a curtain, tear down the rod and replace it with a stationary pane of glass. Make sure the glass covers half the width of the tub, or you could install a sliding glass door to avoid water splashes. For a boxed-type look, you need to sacrifice some square footage and build a full glass wall. Allocate a foot or so from the edge of the tub and place the tile in between. The showerhead remains where it is and you would still be able to step into the tub to have a shower. You can also make a little space for a standing shower by moving the whole arrangement out a bit. If you don’t want a boxed-in shower/tub combo, tear down a wall or two to clear up some space. This look will help create the look wherein the shower/tub combo us more part of the room. If you think your bathroom still looks boring because of neutral colors on tiles, bright hues can inject new life.

Tub and Shower

Bathtubs and showers come in a variety of styles and upgrades to guarantee an amazing bath-time experience. Selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Bathtubs and Showers Chandler team can help you on that journey. We can point you in the right direction by telling you what’s impractical, necessary, and suits your budget. Fortunately, we only carry the best Bathroom Remodel Chandler models from our trusted manufacturers. We guarantee that our products will last for many years to come as we only provide high-quality materials. 

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