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Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Chandler

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Wanting to redecorate and redesign your bathroom, but the thought of spending more than you can afford is preventing you? Well, let me give you some good news: There are hundreds of ways to revamp or redesign your bathroom on a budget. You do not need to spend a fortune to improve your bathroom and make it an inviting and relaxing place. And that’s just one of Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Chandler. Because for a piece of even better news, you can spend less on a bathroom transformation, but... You can earn more when you resell your home. 

Set a budget for bathroom remodeling to ascertain the extent of improvement or changes you can make. If your budget is limited, opt for cosmetic changes, such as new accessories or a new sink, or even a fresh coat. If you can allot a little more budget, try moving forward with bigger transformations, such as replacing tiles, adding a bigger shower, or mirrored walls. 

Here are some of the smartest bathroom remodel ideas in Chandler:

  1. Paint - Considered the cheapest but the most effective approach in transforming a bathroom. Expect putting on a fresh coat to take longer than you think because the bathroom may be small, but it is necessary to paint gently and slowly around the window, the tub, the shower, the sink, the toilet, the mirror, the wall corners, and the floor area. 

  2. Update Fixtures - For this bathroom idea, you have to look at the tiny details. Update or upgrade the sink faucets, light fixtures, drawers, and towel racks. Imagine changing your old ones with new ones, they may seem unimportant but they can make a big difference in your bathroom’s appearance. If you fancy something pricey, look for an affordable version. With Bathroom Remodel Chandler, you will definitely find something within your budget. 

  3. Place a Limit on Tile - If you want new tiles, keep in mind that they tend to get expensive, especially when you need to hire a contractor to install them. One way to save money is to focus on substantial areas like the floor. Or you could put new tiles on one strip along the wall then paint the remaining wall. For a more noticeable tile, look for artistic designs.

  4. Find Affordable Countertops - You might want to spend more on granite countertops to keep up with the trend, but there are other ways you can refresh your countertops without getting broke. Try to avoid neutral colors like brown, tan, and light beige as they are more expensive, and opt for different shades. If you find a slab with imperfections, you can probably buy it at a discounted price. Place the slab where the sink or faucets are so it is not easy to notice the imperfections.

  5. Be Eco-Friendly - When redesigning your bathroom, remember to update with the environment in mind. For eco-friendly bathroom remodel ideas in Chandler, try choosing low-flow showerheads, toilets, and sinks. These choices will not only lessen your bills, but they will also help in water conservation.

You see, you do not need a lot of money to remodel your bathroom. You just need a lot of patience, creativity, and the best team to help you achieve a new and attractive bathroom.

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