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Mirrored Bathroom Chandler


Tiny or big, mirrors are the heart of any bathroom’s decoration. A large mirror is also useful even in small bathroom spaces. Mirrors reflect light, providing a perception of a larger area. Mirrors can also make dark bathrooms look bright and radiant. And if you want to hide some sections like a deep countertop cabinet or add a decorative piece to space, a mirror is your answer. Learn how you can have a beautiful bathroom from Mirrored Bathroom Chandler by reading what we have in store for you. 

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom mirror cabinet is something remarkable. We guarantee that every cabinet is carefully made, so it will not only be functional, but it will also create a comfortable space. There are lots of different sizes, designs, and even lighting options to choose from to make sure you can find a mirror cabinet that matches perfectly with the rest of the bathroom design. We have an in-built bathroom mirror cabinet wherein the mirror is built into the wall. It will hide the cabinet since only the mirror surface is on display. Mirror cabinets are both functional and polished. Finding the right one can be difficult as they come in a comprehensive range. With Mirrored Bathroom Chandler, you can’t go wrong because in creating our mirror cabinets, we focus on having fine raw materials, skilled craftsmanship, deliberate design, and top-notch quality products.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a core in every bathroom space because something as simple as a mirror can bring in a big impact on the style and character of the room. These mirrors above our sink have plenty of benefits. It is where we see ourselves first thing in the morning and get ready for the day ahead. It also gives a spacious feeling in an otherwise confined space. Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity mirror is not an easy task. We have rounded up some of the flattering bathroom mirror ideas for your vanity:

  1. Round Mirror - Considered one of the most versatile bathroom pieces because of its minimal and straightforward design. They also complement almost all design styles. Because of its curved edges, it gives a nice contrast to the polished lines of bathroom tiles, cabinets, and sinks - offering a more relaxed space.

  2. Rectangular Mirror - With rectangular mirrors, you can be creative when it comes to selecting the frames. You can add some modern or rustic touch and give your bathroom some personality. You can also have two matching rectangular mirrors above the shared sink.

  3. Arched Mirror - Looking to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom? Then opt for an arched mirror. These days, an arched mirror with ornate antique designs fits well in a modern bathroom structure. 

  4. Geometric Mirror - Tired of a single silhouette and want to add some extra edge to your bathroom decor? Try a geometric mirror to spice up space. This type of bathroom vanity mirror comes in different shapes, from triangles to octagon. 

Mirrored Bathroom Chandler

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

When thinking of bathroom remodeling, the design is not complete without mirrors! Over the years, as people’s tastes and style change, so do their needs. And when it comes to mirrors, they have become more complicated and bigger. Whether you want to replace a broken mirror or revamp your bathroom, Bathroom Remodel Chandler is ready to serve you. Here are some of the best Bathroom Mirror Ideas available:

A Framed Mirror Complements a Small Space

If you want to add a decorative touch, like a piece of art, opt for framed mirrors. Frames come in different styles, from simple forms with neat lines to large and fancy masterpieces. Keep in mind that the more ornate a mirror is, the heavier look it creates.

A Large Round Mirror Makes a Classic Look

For a traditional look, go for a large round mirror. The shape and size of a mirror can produce different effects on a bathroom’s appearance.

A Wall-To-Wall Mirror Maximizes The Area

With the addition of an unframed, wall-to-wall mirror, a small bathroom can look roomier. Try placing the mirror between the wall and the crown molding to make it seem like a permanent part of the area.

Unframed Mirror Creates Optical Illusion

For a smooth transition, opt for an unframed mirror. The mirror will harmonize the space and make it seem spacious by reflecting the other section of the room while adding texture and style.

Large Framed Mirror to Reflect a White Space

Go for a large framed mirror to create a delicate and bright room. A lovely bathroom mirror idea is to paint the frame the same shade as the vanity to integrate the mirror into the entire feel of the space. When using white paint, the color will reflect from the mirror, adding more light.

For a uniquely personalized Mirrored Bathroom Chandler, we can customize one according to your needs, taste, and style.

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